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Dec 23, 2011 11:00pm PST
the loan star state. this is texas, to the rockies, northeast, the weather impacting airports. as kron 4's dan kerman tells us the story wasn't so bad for travelers at sfo. >> reporter: beautiful weather in san francisco gave the people traveling through sfo an early gift. flights have been on time and some even early. making this friday before christmas an easy travel day. >> my second leg of my flight was peaceful. it wasn't a full flight. i got a row to myself. i took a nap. >> we expected huge crowds and we got to the airport two hours early and it was empty. we walked through security. >> security lines have been busy off and on but no huge delays. the same can be said for those waiting to pick up bags. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to? >> spending time with family. >> baking cookies. >> eating food. >> reporter: a smooth travel day for most. allowing those arriving the chance to look forward to the holiday dinner and for that that nontraditional dinner. >> we are having pizza. we have had pizza since children were born. >> sausage from minnesota. >> tripe. i am n
Dec 24, 2011 11:00pm PST
came one day after officials said the texas governor rick perry will not appear on the virginia primary balloting their current former massachusetts gov. mit romney and rep ron hall have both qualified to. the first family is spending the christmas weekend in hawaii this is a video of president obama who arrived kron air force one last night to start his vacation. every year the family spent the current vacation on the island where the present rule up.--with the president look. the have vacationed on kyloe beach for the past three years. >>reporter: 11 upper that sounds pretty good team that is freezing here in the bay area gary bettman is a view of the bay bridge from this evening at sunset. this is a beautiful postcard shot of the clear skies over the day to day. this is a live tin can looking over san francisco and it is cold. it is not too bad in this city but want to get outside look it is pretty chilling. reports. and we will see the coolest temperatures going to the 20 for tonight. here is the satellite view. >>reporter: this entire month we have seen little in the way of
Dec 27, 2011 11:00pm PST
time in his career. >>> college bowl business. cal will be facing texas tomorrow at 5:00 kickoff, and the holiday bowl. san diego. the 3 point three point under dogs to the long horns, lcal, they haven't -- well, cal, they haven't played in about a month. and now they're asked to wrap it up against mack brown and texas? >> coming out after a month, you're going to have to -- we may start out a little bit slow. you can't afford to do that against a team like texas, though, they're fast and physical and athletic. so we're going to have to hit the ground running. >> stanford is next week. >>> the warriors were off. they run at home . steevenz curry, we'll see if -- stephen curry, we'll see if he'll be playing tomorrow. >> oh,! >> formerly knowns ron artes, kobe bryant, look at the crossover. he's still got it. 26 point, 8 rebounds eight rebounds, lakers win their first of the year over the jazz. >>> lebron james doing his thing, and against those sets, lebron off the steal, soaring for the 1-handed jam. 26 rebounds, five assists. it's james again throwing it down. it's the heat, 115
Dec 28, 2011 11:00pm PST
games. we're taking you to the holiday bowl, san diego tonight. cal against the texas longhorns. second quarter, texas is up, but not for long. it's 10-7. then in the third quarter, it was a jekyll and hyde performance. zach maynard losing it there. sacked six times. cal turned it over five times, and a ramped up texas longloerns turned it into points -- longhorns turn today into points. david ash, 27 points to goodwin, and that was that. 21-10, texas on top of cal, which finishes the year at seven and six. >>> a's general manager billy bean has done it again. he's traded away another big name. today, andrew bailey, he's the closer. he's now going to be the closer for the boston red sox. traded along with ryan sweeney for three players. you could call them three prospects. so four pitching staff members are gone, the entire outfield is dismantled. and look at the bottom line right there. billy beane has pretty much saved almost $20 million. but look what he's giving it up. the fire sale, as it continues. >>> nfl former wide receiver, tarell owens, has thrown his name into the services o
Dec 19, 2011 11:00pm PST
effecting colorado. and oklahoma, texas as well as kansas. this is in effect till tomorrow morning 5:00. 24 inches of new snow. most of the snow taperer off in new mexico and texas right now but it's still going through colorado and kansas. we will see some of the dangerous weather pushing over to chicago and the east coast in the next couple of days. we will keep you posted with this system. >>> a key component of the bay bridge is stringing together. caltrans is beginning to install the main cable which will suspend the eastern span. it will take television months. the cable is impressive. 2.5 feet wide and 17,000 individual wires. the cable weighs 10 pout 5 million pounds. the $6.3 billion span is on track to open in 2013. >>> tomorrow morning one of our largest toy give aways is taking place-tonight the barricades have gone up in san francisco. this is a tradition to help those in need find a gift for their children. kron 4's ruggy k shows -- reggie kumar shows us. >> reporter: 8,000 toys. all of them are for boys and girls. frock bikes to puppies that park. a basketball and a toy o
Dec 21, 2011 11:00pm PST
they're calling? okay. texas christian against louisiana tech. and 41-yard touchdown. and it is tcu winning. a final of 31-24. >>> boxing, floyd mayweather junior sentenced behind bars. a vegas judge sensed him to 90 days in jail after the boxer's guilty plea to reduced battery and harassment charges. the deal avoids trial on allegations that he hit his exgirlfriend and threatened two of their children during an argument at her home in september, 2010. >>> auto racing, las gatos native aj almondinger has a new team. he was driving for richard petty last night. and he's taking over the position left by kirk busch. the native will be driving the 22-car when the spring cup season rolls around, starting in february with the daytona 500. that's the one sport where, like, the biggest event in nascar is the first event of the year. >> sounds like we need another mr. involvement on this. [ laughter ] >> oh, please. i'm always 50. those days very -- nobody remembers mr. involvement. >> yes they do! have a good night, everybody. see you later. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spendin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6